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professional development GranTS

AWISA professional development grants (formerly called Travel Grants) are available to AWISA members. Grants can be used to fund travel to AWISA, NAFSA, or other professional conferences, cover membership dues for professional organizations, pay for a training seminar or workshop, and for other professional development opportunities.

Grants of up to $350 will be awarded on a rolling basis until the available funds have been used up for the year.


AWISA's bylaws explain our purpose and procedures.

These also include the roles and responsibilities of each member of our 4-person Leadership Team.

Bylaws are reviewed and modified as needed, and all changes are voted on by the AWISA members. The most recent version was updated on November 17, 2023.

Group of lawyers discussing on a lawsuit
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AWISA members and others in the field of International Education are invited to present at an upcoming AWISA Conference.

Please submit our Interest Form, and a member of the AWISA leadership team will reach out to you to help you plan your presentation.

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